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Professional Coaching


Professional & Leadership Coaching

At EMpowered, I work with clients to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. When your organisation invests in EMpowered, your employees will have access to 1:1 Transformative Coaching Conversations. These conversations blend the science of positive psychology with the theories of transformative learning to support ongoing change. It is designed to heighten awareness and deepen the learning, creating a powerful shift in thinking to enable the positive change that is deep and sustainable.

What makes Transformative Coaching so unique?

Transformative Conversations are the catalyst for sustainable, positive change- in ourselves, in our relationships, in our families, and in our workplaces.


These conversations provide a space for us to talk through what is on our mind and even more importantly what is in our heart. ⁣As a Professional Coach I have learnt the art and science of transformative conversations.


It assists with heightening self-awareness, and enabling an elevated perspective. If we never stop to examine our thoughts, values, and beliefs we’ll always just keep on doing what we’ve always done and getting the same predictable results.⁣


Transformative Coaching differs from other more conventional forms of coaching which often focus on providing solutions and problem solving. ⁣This transactional approach can be limited and is deemed by many as the “band aid” effect, providing a short term remedy to problematic situations.⁣


On the other hand, Transformational Coaching creates change that is long lasting in nature. Achieved through a process of heightening self awareness, people begin to see parts of themselves which were previously unconscious to them.


⁣⁣⁣Instead of being defined by outdated beliefs, old patterns of behaviour and limited thinking, they begin to see themselves as whole, and their potential becomes greater than their problem.


With a newfound sense of motivation and empowerment, ownership can be taken to create a concrete plan for achieving powerful and ongoing change.

The benefits of coaching

  • Change your leadership style to improve the performance of your team.

  • Improve your communication skills to develop better relationships with the rest of your team.

  • Shift your patterns of thinking, attitudes, and assumptions.

  • Create a major change in the way you do things

  • Enhance your effectiveness

  • Challenge yourself to achieve your personal and organisational performance objective.

  • Create powerful goals, that result in purposeful learning

  • Develop an understanding of your ideal work/life balance

The Process

  • Prior to any coaching taking place within the organisation, the employer and the employee who is to be coached will read and sign a coaching agreement.


  • The employee who is to be coached (coachee) will complete a reflective questionnaire and send it to me prior to our first meeting.


  • Relationship building is an important part of the coaching process and our first session will focus on getting to know one another i.e. go through the questionnaire together.


  • I use the Transformative Coaching Framework- an evocative inside-out coaching approach to enable change that is deep and sustainable. This is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) recognised framework.


  • 1:1 coaching can be conducted face to face (Christchurch) or virtually via zoom. I am open to travel (including overnight) at the employers cost.


  • Coaching sessions are 1 hour in duration.  Coaching sessions will reflect the needs of the client and can be booked fortnightly or monthly.


  • At the end of each coaching session the coachee will have developed goals or given homework to work on based on what has been discussed. This ensures accountability and responsibility. These will be followed up in the next session.


  • After each coaching session, the main points from the session will be summarised and recorded in a secure document. This information will be shared with the coachee after each session and also with any managers or leaders (with the coachee’s permission).


  • The employer is welcome to contact me at any stage of the coaching process. I will also contact the employer if there are any questions or concerns.

Schedule time with me

This complimentary 30 minute session will give us the opportunity to get to know a little about one another and see if we have a good connection.

Transform today

$1,035.00GST inc



Take advantage of a FREE 30 minute consultation meeting via zoom  |  1:1 coaching via zoom or face to face  |  1 Hour Transformational Coaching sessions with goal setting |  Support & guidance to reach goals |  Choice of fortnightly/ monthly sessions  |   Access to support between sessions via telephone or email


When looking for a professional coach I had little to no knowledge on what to expect or what my experience will be. After engaging with Emily any doubts or trepidations had quickly vanished. Emily was very warm, welcoming, and open. This warmth and openness allowed for our conversation to flow and created a very natural and organic experience. Each session began with an open conversation and from this Emily was fantastic at actively listening to our conversations and then drawing out specific topics for us to focus on.


Emily always asks the right questions which enabled me to reflect and spark a greater conversation. Over the course of our sessions my confidence and self-awareness grew exponentially. This growth has had positive impact both professionally and personally.


Emily is a fantastic Coach and all-round great person, through her coaching techniques Emily has enabled me to be the best version of myself.

James Wilson

Hotel Operations Manager

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