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Online Workouts


Workout whenever works for you

Utilising the accessibility of Facebook we've built a private community of like-minded people, offering both live stream workouts and an extensive archive to let you workout whenever you've got time.

From beginner 30 minute Pop Pilates sessions to 1 hour sessions as well as HIIT style workouts, we've got it covered.  We provide modifications in all our programs making them suitable for all fitness levels and they can be done at your own convenience, whenever or wherever you like.  Simply purchase a subscription and we'll personally connect you to our tribe.

ADDED BONUS:  When you purchase a Pop Pilates Concession Card you gain FREE access to the empowerednztribe group. 


A range of cardio & strengthen sessions will be live streamed and saved in the empowerednztribe group archive in Facebook


Monday: 5:50am- Total Body Dumbbell

Tuesday: 5:50am- Upper Body Workout

Wednesday: 5:50am- Rest

Thursday: 5:50am- Cardio Day

Friday: 5:50am- Leg Workout


Find out more about POP Pilates here.

Find out more about PIIT28 here.

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Exclusive access to POP Pilates & HIIT style live streams & videos  |  Unlimited access to an extensive archive of challenges  |  Connect with a private EMpowerEd Tribe Facebook support group. 



A range of videos saved for you to access whenever you want in  empowerednztribe group in Facebook

Guide 1: Pearls of Wisdom

Guide 2: I'm doing this Learning Journey

Guide 3: Workout with Weights

Guide 4: Low Impact PHIIT

Guide 5: Strengthen & Tone

Guide 6: PHIIT- Pilates Intense Interval Training

Guide 7: Chair Workouts

Guide 8: 30 min Beginners Pop Pilates

Guide 9: Pop Pilates - Full Session

Guide 10: Quick Burn Pilates

Guide 11: 14 Day Quarantine Workout Challenge

Guide 12: 2020 Challenge

Guide 13: 100 Glute Challenge

Guide 14: 100 Arm Challenge

Guide 15: 100 Squat Challenge

Guide 16: 100 Ab Challenge

Guide 17: Health & Nutrition

Guide 18: 28 Day Detox

Guide 19: Winter Song Challenge

Child's Pose


I have a chronic pain condition and my physio recommended that I try Pilates or yoga. I found Emily and I haven't looked back! I am well and truly addicted. I feel so strong and the benefits for my pain are fantastic, the fact there is zero impact and modifications means that I am able to build strength and challenge myself without any pain (except the muscles that haven't made an appearance in a few years!) I love how relatable Emily is, and the fact I can bring my children means I have no excuse not to workout!

Jess Schulz
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