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New Zealand

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Emily's story...

As a mother of three young children, wife to my wonderful husband and both of us working full time, life was hectic.  My husband and I could see that something had to give and we were not prepared for it to be our family.  We made the decision that I would resign from my job to focus on my own mental health as well as my families well-being.  Exercise kept my mind busy and helped me focus on small achievements, like finishing a workout.  I stumbled across Cassey Ho's YouTube site Blogilates and I was hooked!  I learnt to stop comparing myself to other people; how strong, flexible or fast they were compared to me, and to focus on my own fitness journey.  By doing this I was able to face my insecurities and build not just physical strength but mental strength too.   Six months later I took the leap and decided to do my training to become a certified Pop Pilates instructor. 

Why was this so overwhelming?  I was an Early Childhood teacher and manager for over 14 years and was an expert in this field.  The decision to become a student myself and learn something so different and new, was pretty scary but to put myself out of my comfort zone felt like the right move.  The fear of failure was ever present in my mind, but I have learnt to recognise this fear and instead of letting it stop me, I focus on something that excites me and makes me feel good and changes my perspective.

Emily Stock

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