Do you want to feel strong both physically and mentally?  To feel confident in yourself and what you present to the rest of the world?  And do you want to feel embraced and empowered by a community of people with like minded goals?

Workout Live with Emily via her Facebook group 'empowerednztribe' in the comfort of your own home and if you can't make the session, do it later at a time that suits you.  

Unlike the more classical version, Pop Pilates is a powerful fusion of music, strength, and choreography that takes Pilates to the next level. POP Pilates feels like a dance on the mat.

Expect to be led through a total body, mat-based workout that focuses on strengthening and toning your core along with every other area of your body to fun and popular music.  You will work up a sweat while improving your posture and flexibility.

We provide modifications to suit all fitness levels and body shapes, so no one feels left behind.

PHIIT combines the best Pilates moves with a high intensity interval training workout.   You will burn fat and build strength in just 30 minutes a day.

4 Rounds of 7 moves is all it takes!

We also run a timetable of sessions onsite that you can join, plus, as a mobile fitness company we can bring a POP Pilates or PHIIT class to your group or company. 


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