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Leadership Coaching$1,035.00
Duration: Until canceled

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I agree to be fully present and on time for all coaching conversations I realise it is the role of the Coach to manage each session and to assist my progress towards achieving my goal I realise that I am completely responsible for my own growth & learning I realise that there may be times in the coaching process where I may confront realisations that may be uncomfortable I realise I need not discuss anything I am not comfortable discussing I realise that I am responsible for my own actions and inactions I realise that my coaching relationship is a resource & that it is up to me to fully utilise this resource I agree to communicate any concerns I have about the nature of my coaching relationship, my experience of the coaching relationship or any interactions with the Coach I agree to give at least 24 hours notice if I need to change or cancel a session I realise that the Coach/Coachee interaction is fully confidential.

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