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cash/bank transfer payments

Cash/ Bank Transfer Payment Policy:

  • Cash / bank transfer payments are only available for EMpowerEd Onsite sessions ie. Casual Pop Pilates session, Pop Pilates Concession Card and PHIIT concession card.  

  • Cash / bank transfer payments are not available for EMpowerEd Online sessions.

  • Before you make the cash / bank transfer, you will first have to become a site member.  This will happen when you choose the plan you wish to purchase. 

  • You will receive an email once admin has approved your account.

  • You will be provided access to book your Pop Pilates / PHIIT sessions once the payment has been made and confirmed.

  • Please notify Emily Stock via email or text message (0210 8899 084 or when you have made your payment and the plan you wish to select.

  • Bank Transfer details- 01-0221-0633362-00

  • The 24 HR Cancellation Policy still applies with this payment method

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